KR Gathering 2018/ MVN in Mount Vernon, Illinois September 13 - 15

Photo taken by Tucker Brown, up in KMVN's deicing truck, operated by the AWESOME airport manager, Chris Collins!

This was another great event and well attended. Photos follow in no specific order. CLICK any photo for the full-size & hi-res image. All other photos by John Bouyea.

Roger Baalman giving James Flowers a ride

Rob Schmitt giving one more of his frequent introductory rides.

Roger Baalman introducing his airplane at the Owners Show & Tell session

Mark Langford giving his Show & Tell for his Jim Faughn-built KR2.

John Patterson was a short-term visitor for just a few hours.

Roger Baalman giving Tim Hoversten of EAA his first KR ride. Nice smile Tim!

Roger returning from a sunset flight.

Robert Pesak gets the Best Sunset Photo award (along with many others!)

Roger headed out for a solo flight. This is one SERIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL KR!!

Rob Schmitt giving another intro flight.

Pretty shiny spinner.

Jeff Scott's carbon fibre spinner. Yes he made that...

And then he taught us how he built it too.

Mike Sylvester shows his ground-handling aids
Green = normal ground and landing attitude
Yellow = normal tail-up take-off attitude
Red = tail too high & upcoming prop damage attitude!

Another view of Robert's spinner

Jim Faughn-built "by-the-book" KR2.

Bill Clapp visited in his Sabrewing. Many similarities with a KR heritage.

Absolutely unique KR1 featuring folding wings, ASi 3 cylinder 2 stroke engine and much more.

Mike Sylvester's very nice KR-2S debuted at Gathering 2017.

Roger Bulla's straight KR2.

Jeff Scott's KR-2S, one of the early ones. His spinner was on the instructor's table!

Rob Schmitt's KR-2S and it's a flyer with 800+ hours and a Revmaster 2100D.

Roger Baalman's gorgeous KR-2S & further stretched with a O-235.