KR Gathering 2019/ MVN in Mount Vernon, Illinois September 12 - 15, 2019

The event started Thursday evening at the Frosty Mug, our BBQ home-away-from-home.

This is the flight line Saturday morning. And this isn't even all the KRs that flew in to the Gathering!

And this is what an award-winning KR looks like under the cowl by Robert Pesak...

This is Mike Sylvester's very clean KR2S looks like.

And as usual, Mike is having a good laugh with Paul Visk!

Roger Bulla takes a look at Roger Baalman's spectactular KR2S. Yes, that's a Bronze Lindy winner right there.

Rob Schmitt's airplane has over 800 hours and he is often the source of education and intro flights.

Jeff Scott's early KR2S is a frequent attendee at the KR Gatherings. It always draws a crowd.

Mark Langford flew in to the event in Jim Faughn's built standard KR2 though Mark's made a fair number of changes...

All photos courtesy of Larry Howell (L) and you have to love our host, the remarkable Chris Collins hamming it up.

Tim Taylor made a late arrival with his brother flying just as the day was ending. This KR has some many flying hours in some challenging conditions. Very impressive.

This photo is for Langford; he loves the sunset shots! And Jeff's airplane frames the view just right!

The schedule includes time to learn from all the pilots flying into the event. Saturday morning everyone opens up the cowl and does a show & tell. Here's is Jeff Scott with the microphone.

And Roger Bulla got his turn too.

At the end of Saturday, we held a "No-Host" banquet dinner with the Bonnie Cafe right on-site.

You weren't trying to take Bob Glidden's chair, were you?

Larry Flesner called the evening to a start with house-keeping issues before turning over to
Ray Fuenzalida and starting the Awards presentation part of the evening.

Ray introduced Chris Collins and thanked him for helping host the weekend.

We want to Thank all the pilots who flew in to the event so we call them all up in front of the group.

We had a new order of Special Mention Awards this year.

In 3rd place, Mark Langford.

In 2nd place, Jeff Scott

In 1st place, Mike Sylvester.

Our People's Choice award winner, Mike Sylvester. He looks like he's getting away with something...

Our Furthest Distance Flown award, Roger Bulla

And finally, our choice for Grand Champion, Roger Baalman! He built a really wonderful goal of just what a KR CAN be.

A special end of the evening was the FAA Award of "Master Pilot" to Larry Flesner for over 50 years of safe flight. Well Done Larry!